Thursday, August 12, 2010

nepal paypal users problems

1-mero paypal ma account cha
country nepal choose garya chu...ani verified account hoina
maile paisa ta send garna milcha
iam expecting to get some money from a client....unverified paypal account ma receive garna milcha?
help me

I had an account from Nepal. I couldn't receive money. Currency support gardaina re. WTH.

I don't know about now hai. I have an American account now.

3-im using paypal..i use it for most of online shoppings, its much safer then direct credit card use
 well if i buy somthin i can pay to a paypal account using my paypal account .n thy take money off my card .
n as far as i know tht is not possible to get paid wid ur unverified paypal acc.

4-Nepal ko vista debit card use garna mildaina??? mero pani tehi problen tara money china..
online buy kun web bata what...
I tried to buy from amazon but they said adress incorrect..
ani vhansar ley tax lidaina buy garyey ko saman ma??

5- you mean visa??
US ma shopping garne bhaye chai VIsa electron chai lincha...
ani kere nepalko vansar le double tax lincha...
so online shopping in nepal=FAIL!!!

6-i dont think paypal is verified by any bank in nepal.... the cheapest and best way to get money in nepal is by .. they are associated with kumari bank, and they will charge the sender around $15 if he/she is sending less than $2000 and above $2000 there is no charge for sending money.. i once got $1600 from outside and he used the same method..
so i guess, better than paypal or credit card, that will be good

7-receive garda paypal le charge katcha ni haina ra

8- hello,
Anybody know how to receive money outside from nepal, there is paypal , creditcard etc. We dont have easy access on it.

Paypal is good but how to verify paypal. I want to accept money from outside nepal, specially from usa.

Is is possible to get cash from paypal. or is it possible to use some sort of card from usa and use it to get money from atm, how much money does atm charges each transaction.

I have read here , someone will verify our paypal a/c , is that safe.


If you have solution this all - please give idia for nepali paypal user-in this post comme

Is pay pal possible in 2010 in nepal???

Ability to offer PayPal service in Nepal

Paypal, the largest worldwide online payment gateway of service is sure to Nepal if the international banks are interested in investing or opening branches here. The people of Nepal, including Pakistan and others are suffering with the problem of paypal. Webmasters / buyers and sellers on the Internet, mainly through PayPal as a payment gateway without a valid account and verified by PayPal will be very difficult to have an entry in the online business.

How People of Nepal doing business online?

I am seeing lots of people are opening account using the country INDIA or USA. In case of USA they are going to be banned within a month by paypal but Indian accounts are being used till 5 months with $500/ year limit. However these accounts are also restricted & limited after some time. People are suffering much here are searching options. Some were purchasing virtually verified accounts but they also get limited after some time so it is of no use.

Why Nepal paypal contained in the country Send Only?

Paypal mean joke ? They say you can send money worldwide in Nepal, but can not receive even a single dollar. It's like saying a child of the street has been given to a bank account where you can place an unlimited amount of money. When people can not receive any money, then WTF? going to pay anyone? that people have no ability to pay international users and do not have to work ourselves. If we think deeply and even have access to send money is a good service if what I said earlier .. . LOL guys understand!

Hopefully paypal will be available in Nepal this year, so we'll be connected to the world of the Internet market.

This is also a call to PayPal. If some banks high standard here as Planned want to do paypal then could offer a service here.