Saturday, September 11, 2010

Paypal in Nepal-Nepal paypal users problem-solution- issues

The true-problems for nepali paypal users--------pls if You have any solution post your solution on commetn for nepali paypal usersssssssss..........
all of problem is below:-

Asking from- dizaztah

-can i use USA verified paypal in nepal??

i just wanted to know that can i use a verified paypal account from USA in nepal. tyo use garda kei huncha hola block or limited.
has anyone been using usa verified paypal in nepal.

plz reply to this thanks

have been using uk verified paypal for a few months.. no probs yet.

reply from-virtualman

-I am using paypal account verified in US. Aaile samma ta kunai problem aayako chaina. About 1 month jati bhayo hola. Paise dina ra lina maaja le milcha. Tara fully transaction garna chai bank account ra CC 2 ta kai information halna parcha. Like godaddy bata domain kinna paryo bhane CC ra bank account verify garako le matra milcha.

-thx virtual man for the info yar.
ma use garu ki bhanera sochira thiye ani aru forum haru ma ta froze garcha limited garcha bhanera lekheko raicha so check garnu thiyo......


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